Remembering Bethlehem Marketplace

On December 5, 1982 Bethlehem Marketplace was presented for the first time. The presentation was a live walk-thru reenactment of the little village the morning after Christ was born. While groups of visitors were taken through the village there was live performances of assorted musicians and vocalists that provided entertainment as the time passed. The groups were lead by a Roman Soldier down to the marketplace where they toured the sites, and sounds of the time that ultimately ended at the live nativity. To follow will be videos of the years presented and other media for you to view.

The Coordinators on the 1982 team were: Cathy Dobson, Bruce and Elva Autrey, Donald and Phyllis Duncan, Ruth Parsley, Sarah and Edna Seelbinder  Padgett and Kay and Stephen Atwood.

We hope you enjoy this look back for a wonderful ministry this church had for many years.
See so many wonderful folks now long gone but certainly not forgotten. Some have grown up and moved on or stayed to bring their talents and commitments to our community. There hope was to bring the Jesus story alive so others could share in the excitement, joy  and ,listen,you will hear rumors, fears, unbelief, and uncertainty, expressed by its residents, that the new born King brought to this world. Finally at the end the visitors were able to view the Holy Family as the thy gazed on the one who came to save us all.

We hope you enjoy a look back at the events and people this wonderful presentation brought together. It had a life and community all its own. God was glorified in it.

Faces and Places in the Market Place 


Ornaments made for the 1983 Marketplace




These Videos are for the most part unedited they are from old VHS tapes and have some bad spots yet the folks in them are wonderfully remembered through this media. I hope that those viewing will enjoy the remembering of those that are still here and those that are no longer with us.
1984 1985 Video from the Edna Padgett Collection

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